Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's an update!

Just so everyone knows, today is Greg's 26th Birthday! Yeah! I'll try to get some pictures up later from the celebration.
I spoke with Leah earlier today and she inspired me to get back on track with the whole blog thing. So here we are!
Greg is swamped in Law School leaving at eight o'clock in the morning and then coming home eight-thirty at night. Poor guy, he really enjoys it though. Greg has dreamed of being a lawyer since he was in elementary school and his teacher told him he would make a great lawyer, true story. So I'm really glad that he is following his dream.
For me it's all about the job hunt. I had one interview yesterday, an interview tomorrow and then another one on Saturday. HOPEFULLY I will find something that will support the fam. All of the interviews are with sub-devisions of the DES (Devision of Economic Security). I am actually excited because it seems like my degree actually is going to come in handy!
Other than that, all is well here in Arizona. It has been great weather, we're talkin' in the lower 90's (really nice for here, trust me). Can't wait till you all decide to come visit!
P.S. Here are some pictures of the Rexburg temple!

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leah said...

Cool Blog Laura! You and Greg are so cute together :) I hope Greg had a great b-day!