Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Greg and I had a great birthday! It's so much fun having our birthdays so close together because we can celebrate for a whole week!
The festivities began on the 25th of September with Greg's birthday. Of course he had school for most the day, but when he came home the party began. We had a nice steak dinner with mash potatoes, and a little bit of bubbly. ;) He opened his gifts and blew out the candles on his chocolate bunt cake ("It's a bunt!"- My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I think that his favorite gift is the Simpons DVD and ASU apparel.
Then on October 1st we celebrated my birthday. Greg surprised me in the morning with a pilates/yoga mat and a set of weights for my workout. Then, he made me a good ol' southern breakfast of grits and eggs! Yum! Later that afternoon we went to the movie Hairspray! Love it! After that we went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill on a gift card that Kristy gave us. We had so much fun!

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j. o. and wendy said...

happy birthdays eight months late! is your birthday oct 1st? that's jeremy's birthday too! you guys should keep posting; you could even add a poll about what to do with your dress! :) hope to see you again soon!